About Us - Why we want to serve your lingerie, underwear and inner-wear fashion needs

We are Cameekie’s Unmentionables, a motivated business all about sexy clothes. We specialize in selecting trendy, romantic and enticing underwear. Over here at Cameekies, we absolutely love lingerie. We know that there are others out there who would also like to stroke, engage and unleash their feminine side to the utmost and that is why we select the offerings that we do.

We believe that what we wear underneath our outer clothing as women, has the power to embolden us and inspire confidence. When you put on a piece of lingerie from us we want you to feel sexy, feel powerful and be the master of your body and the bedroom.

We strive to provide a reliable service and aim to offer selections that are both pleasing to the pocket and palette. We want to provide offerings for the bold, risqué or the woman who is in between. At the end of the day we want you to have unmentionables that are well ... memorable, trendy, enticing and bring out every woman in you without breaking the bank.

If you are simply looking for something new, we believe you are in the right place. Look around. If you love it, buy it and don't forget to tell a friend.